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Description Patrick Kennedy on the potential legalization of medical marijuana<br><br>As medical marijuana and the legalization of cannabis remain hotly contested issues that are interwoven throughout the fabric of America, on Tuesday evening Piers Morgan revisited his recurring To Pot franchise, inviting a collection of experts and advocates, legislators and law enforcers to offer their insights and commentary.<br><br>Joining Morgan Live via satellite, Patrick Kennedy revealed his recently changed perspective, as he had initially been in favor of permitting pot to be used for medical purposes, but has since adjusted his stance:<br><br>found out the facts, and the facts are my initial thinking was like most Americans, I didn think it was any big deal. Frankly, I thought people who had cancer or some medical need every member of my family has had cancer so I wouldn begrudge them using something to mitigate the effects of chemotherapy for example, Kennedy explained. when I learned the truth about the impact of us going down this road towards legalization, it really occurred to me that my original position was wrong. Representative for Rhode Island 1st congressional district. I really worry about with this reducing the kind of harm, perception of harm of marijuana, which is what really out there now thanks to all this movement towards legalization, that more people will use. the clip for more of Morgan interview with Kennedy, who refers to the legalization of medical marijuana as a notion, and for the next edition of Morgan Live, watch CNN every night at 9.<br><br>Follow Morgan Live on Twitter<br><br>Follow Morgan Live on Instagram<br><br>Patrick never answered my question regarding how prison assisted him with overcoming his addiction. Could it be because he has never been? <a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">how much are cartier love rings fake</a> The privileged are seldom subjected to the same level of enforcement as are people of color and the poor. Additionally, their communities are not subjected to running gun battles and drive by shootings. They have high paying jobs, therefore, need not fight each other when peddling drugs among each other. Baltimore had 20 shootings over the week end, resulting in eight murders. The arrests and the illegal searches have fractured police/community relationships. No police force can effectively solve violent crime without the assistance of the community. Enough already!<br><br>If you truly want less marijuana and other drugs available to our children, then <a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">cartier ring knock off wedding</a> we must get the drug dealers off of the corners where they recruit children to sell to children. Free them from the environment responsible for the high rate of addiction and overdoes deaths we have today. That environment is prohibition.<br><br>June 26, 2013 at 12:40 am<br><br>Yes, I noticed his complete lack of an answer. I have used this same question on reformed addicts before and <a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">cartier wedding copy rings for men</a> pointed out that, by their own standards, they should probably still be in jail. If you believe prohibition is the road to recovery for addicts then step and volunteer to do the time in prison. After all, it is for his own good.<br><br>What is notable is that, even with all those prohibitionists outnumbering the rational people on that show, it was still very apparent that the prohibitionists knew they were playing defense at this point. They have had their butts kicked in this debate over the last twenty years and this is their swan song.<br><br>Also had to laugh at them bringing up the old argument about how alcohol has a history in society and marijuana doesn Besides the fact that it really isn true, and is just a veiled reference to the races mentioned in the hearings for the Marihuana Tax Act How in hell would that make a good excuse for all the carnage that alcohol causes?<br><br>Prohibition either works or it doesn It doesn depend on whether your grandparents smoked pot or drank beer. Prohibitionists have never been great thinkers.<br><br>June 26, 2013 at 2:25 pm<br><br>As a former drug councilor, now retired. I against more young people having access to pot. It like all the kids outside liquor stores, asking adults to buy them some booze. The slippery slope will show the bad idea of anything but medical marijuana. Teenagers have a hard enough time getting through school and dressing for success, to now have a clear path to getting pot off of adults. Plus the adults who raise kids in the shadow of drug use, will have a much harder time in life, than those raised around alcohol. Either is bad, but pot will make kids a loser, much faster. The enablers who live in a denial system, and think pot can do no wrong, are the part of the enablers of abuse towards kids. The really isn anything social about kids on drugs, and parents who enable. Those who protest against the collateral damage of drone strikes, dismiss the collateral damage of a country who condones pot use. Any child lost to pot, is one too many. Legalizing pot is child abuse. As well as another element that will further overload the healthcare system.<br><br>June 26, 2013 at 9:43 pm<br><br>So, your solution to the potential of a teenager asking an adult to buy him weed at the pot shop is to maintain the criminal control over marijuana production and distribution, where teenagers deal marijuana to other teenagers. Interesting.<br><br>I wondering why nobody advocated that strategy to reduce teen <a href="" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">diamond fake ring cartier</a> cigarette and alcohol use? When I was a kid, among my peers, 90% tried booze and 70% tried cigarettes. Nowadays the figures are 70% and 40%, respectively. I understand that you have a basis for your prohibition stance, but it is obviously quite limited. As one who knows the mechanics of the illicit drug trade and the strategies of those involved in the market, I can tell you beyond a reasonable doubt that marijuana prohibition makes marijuana and other drugs more accessible by children. Drug pushers hire kids to sell drugs to other children as a common practice, not by chance. With prohibition, we have created the worst possible environment for reducing drug abuse and addiction. This is the very same policy championed by the cartel and neighborhood gangs. You call this Smart Approaches to Marijuana?<br><br>Additionally, I am appalled by folks like you, Patrick and Kevin who have complete disregard for the communities and families that have been devastated by the drug war. From over incarceration to murders, families have been shattered, contributing to another set of social challenges. Baltimore just had 28 shootings resulting in 10 murders within 5 days. In Mexico and US neighborhoods, people are prisoners within their own neighborhoods.<br><br>A system of effective education and treatment without incarceration and violence will do wonders for this country. In addition to lower addiction rates, cops could spend more time addressing violent crimes and looking for missing children, crime would drop, millions of dollars would be saved and millions generated. Fewer arrest will translate to fewer people looked out of the job market, housing and student loans. The only losers here would be gangs, organized crime, the cartel and the people and corporations making billions in prisons and drug testing.
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