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Rider Education Forms


 Q Reimbursement Form Link  Q Reimbursement Form  Click Here


  Level 1-3 N.7 - Update Safe Miles, High Miles, and all New Rider Education Program Levels One, Two, and Three.

  Level 4  N.9 - New Level Four Master application.

  REP Data Update/Renewal Form  N.10 Update Rider Course, First Aid, and CPR certifications.


   New Educator application forms include all of the following:

      Application/Appointment Form N.2

        Officer MOU N.3

        Memorandum of Officer Confidentiality   N.4

        Knowledge Level Evaluation (KLE)  N.5

  All four forms must be completed to appoint new Educators and Assistant Educators.  The forms should be forwarded the District Educator when completed.

  Rider Education Seminar Instructor Application N.15 - Forward this completed application to your District Educator to sign up for Certification to teach Road Captain Course as well as Group Riding & Co-Rider Seminars.

  Rider Education Riding Instructor Application  N.13 - Forward this completed application to your Region Educator to sign up for Certification to teach the GWRRA Advanced Rider Course (ARC), Trike and Trailering Courses.

   Reporting Forms used monthly by Educators to report Rider Education Activities.

Monthly Activity Report for Chapters

   Emergency Forms

   N.12 Emergency Contact Information Form V4.08     

This form is for members to keep on their bike in case of an emergency.